I was born in 1975 and live in a small village near Bratislava. I have been interested in photography since the age of 15 and do not have an intention to stop. My first pictures I developed at home in a bathroom at my parent’s place and was glad of any little success. My very favourite objects are people because of their authenticity and their interesting ways, I am fascinated by their diverse lifestyle in different parts of the world. Photography is one of my greatest loves, along with my enviable wife and my adorable daughter Lia and her 13 months younger brother Daniel. I am a husband to whom family is in the first place and only then comes the other stuff like photography, travelling, music and cycling. I am a great gourmand, love black tea and red wine, spring and autumn, the smell of the air after rain. I loathe “žemľovka” (a cake made with apples, buns, cottage cheese, nuts and jam), guilt, inexperienced drivers on the roads, queuing and have a phobia of ticks and mice. I am a stubborn but “teach-yourself-type”, I am not able to learn from others’ mistakes, although sometimes neither from my own. I speak four languages but don’t like speaking any of them. I’d rather say things through my pictures. As I am not a great speaker, photography gives me a perfect opportunity to express my feelings, interests, desires, disappointment even my fear through my pictures.

Thank you for visiting my web-site, if you have any question or request please contact me here or call me at +421(0)905/448621.